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Businesses open to attack

626,718 Passwords have been discovered during penetration tests over the last two years conducted by

internet security researchers. The firm's threat intelligence manager said in a post that half of the plundered passwords were cracked within "the first few minutes".

"We eventually cracked 576,533 or almost 92 percent of the sample within a period of 31 days". He said. "Such a short cracking time using a word list from last year's (Common Passwords)

study shows that passwords were as predictable as ever. "Password1" was the password we came across most often in this year's analysis."

He went on to say about how people mixing non-phonetic passwords with special characters were realistically no more secure than memorable phrases of the same length, provided those passwords were not common, cliché or easy to guess.

Now I'd imagine the majority of you are still wondering how they managed it? How could anyone keep retyping different passwords that fast in 30 days?

Well it's all down to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Every PC has one whether it's integrated or dedicated, we all use them to allow images to be displayed on our screens. What the security firm done was use high power GPUs which can crunch billions of calculations per second. So just to put this in to context, the password "N^a&$1nG'" could be cracked in approximately 3.75 days using one AMD R290x GPU.

Those of you who know what bitcoin mining is and know how it works will know the true capability of a GPU, it's an amazing processing unit for mathematical computation and can run more floating operations per second (FLOPS) than most processors making it a much better choice for code cracking.

Well am I safe? What if somebody's cracking my password now?


Why Auratek?

Just like a Chameleon adapts to the environment around it, we work hard to adapt to yours. Our team will learn about your IT hardware and software systems to offer the best level of IT and network support possible.

Our experienced team are available to help you without the walls of jargon and rigidity preventing you from getting where you want to be.

At Auratek we are open with our price, we have nothing to hide, and with our flexible options, you never have to pay for anything you don’t need.

Simple; Clear; Open – The way IT support should be.


Who are we?

Our friendly team have over 30 years of combined experience and are based in our High Street offices in the heart of Broadstairs, Kent.  We are always on hand to help plan and maintain your IT systems, whether this is remote, onsite or even in our offices.

Auratek opened its doors in 2010 providing business to business IT Support, specialising in IT solutions designed for the Small to Medium enterprise.   We make sure we don’t dilute our core skills trying to offer every service ourselves,  instead of weakening the services we offer we have chosen to partner with other companies to offer a turnkey solution.

We’ve all found the technical support from Dan, Melissa and the team to be very good. Couple that with a genuinely friendly and helpful attitude to the customer, you can’t go wrong.

Jon Cleverdon - Director
Cleverdons, Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

Auratek Ltd

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