IT Support with No Ties

Benefit from Professional IT Support.

Without the need for long term contracts.


Leverage the Cloud

Can your staff access their data where and when they need it?

If you leverage the power of the the cloud they could.


Tired of IT problems?

Has your computer let you down when you needed it the most?

Don't put up with faults any more, our team are here to help.


Simple IT Budgeting

Do you keep receiving unexpected bills for your IT?

We can simplify these into 1 monthly affordable bill.


Your IT Team

Do you have constant issues with your IT, that you cant or dont have the time to fix?  Let our team become your IT Team.


The Cloud

Leverage the cloud to update, protect and mobalise your business IT infrastruture.


Low cost Telephony

Reduce the cost of your telephony using the latest Voice over IP solutions.


One of the biggest worries with any IT solution is what happens if it goes wrong? How will it affect my business? Will I have a business?

I’m sure, like many of our customers, you know you can’t live without your computers, laptops and tablets, but get concerned at the ever increasing cost and complexity of the services you require to make it all work together.

At Auratek, we have tried to make this easier by helping our clients manage their IT budgets using low monthly fixed fees to deliver the solutions they need and avoid having to make large capital investments.

Why should you consider us?  Well we work with companies such as Sigma Enterprises, Mindfulness at Work and Specialty Breads, who tell me they chose us because:

  • We keep their systems working
  • We guarantee our response times
  • We are locally based
  • We are not afraid to work with other vendors
  • We offer affordable capped monthly fees
  • We do not tie people into long contracts

We would like to work with you to grow your business by leveraging the most out of your IT solution, to make you as happy as our existing customers.

About us

After years of working for one of the oldest I.T. firms in Kent, Dan and Melissa had become fed up with the attitude that "the I.T. Company knows best". Therefore in July 2010 Auratek’s doors were opened for the first time.

When the company was opened a few key guidelines were set:

  • No customer should be forced into a 12 month agreement
  • All our services can be bespoken to our customers exact needs
  • We would not become a, jack of all trades yet master of none, company
  • We would partner with established companies to add new services
  • Our team would act as a single point of call for our customers

Meet the Ateam

"Five Years ago...

In 2010, a crack team of technicians were set to work by Dan and Melissa for a crime against IT jargon.

This team promptly destroyed rigid pricing plans and set up a Broadstairs office.

Today, still wanted by Small Business, they survive as technicians of fortune.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you call them....maybe you can hire The Auratek a-team."


Client Testimonials

We believe in building a strong business partnership with our clients. Over the years we have helped many companies through the installation and support of their IT Infrastructure. This has led to our customers providing us with numerous recommendations.


Why the Chameleon?

Shortly after we opened in 2010 we were working hard to develop our brand identity.  We were looking for something that showed how different we were from your everyday I.T. Support Company yet still told a suitable story. 

We tried for months but nothing came to mind until one day a group of primary school kids congregated outside our front door.


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