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The Nasty Return of Simplocker

I don't know if any of you recall but a few weeks ago I posted a section about the Android Ransomware dubbed "Simplocker".

Well it seems that Simplocker has stepped up its game and is now demanding a whopping $300.00 to unlock infected phones, up from the previous $21.00.

As well as a good old price rise they've added a few nasty extra features that are going to make Simplocker a lot more difficult to deal with.

Initially, Simplocker encrypted everything on the users SD card but now it will also encrypt archive files such as ZIP, 7z and RAR. This is a big problem because Android phones save backups as archive files, meaning restoring your phone from a backup is no longer a possibility.

So for those of you who don't know what this evil little virus looks like, it will prompt you with a picture similar to that attached to this post, then it will accuse you of viewing illegal videos of children or animals.

Then it will ask you to pay the $300.00 to unlock your files. Now I don't know where everyone else is from who is reading this but here in the UK if you're arrested for committing a crime the police officer doesn't turn around and say "Oh its fine, just give me $300.00 and we'll call it a day" maybe in some countries but not here.

This virus is usually obtained via smut viewing apps or unauthenticated websites, all apps you purchase should be only be downloaded from approved sources. E.g. Google Play or the Samsung Store. If you do purchase an app from a different site then please make sure you uncheck unknown sources in the settings.

So can't get to your files? Or you're backup? Looks like you'll have to grit your teeth and pay right?

Or maybe not..


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